Friday, 2 September 2016

Welcome to a new school year!

Welcome to another exciting school year!  My name is Ms. Brambles and I will be your child’s grade 6 teacher for Language Arts and Math.  This year once again I will be working very closely with Mme. Tibshirani to make a seamless transition from French to English, and with my English teaching partner Mr. Mayhew, focusing on Language Arts and Math.

During the first few weeks we will spend time building relationships and a collaborative learning community. Through rich learning opportunities your child will be engaged in developing criteria on collaboration, learning goals, active listening skills, and how to respect each others’ ideas, opinions, and learning styles while still being able to honour their own.

The learning in our classroom will be grounded in our Catholic Social teachings and through inquiry, where students will be encouraged to ask questions, seek answers, challenge, search, and share their new learning in many different ways, as we develop the 6 compentencies (Collaboration, communication, creativity, citizenship, critical thinking and character). They will be given opportunities to work in partners, small groups and individually. Ongoing assessment and feedback will be done throughout the learning process and students will be encouraged to self-assess based on the co-constructed success criteria. They will be encouraged to take ownership for their learning, in a student-led classroom.

Please note that this year we will not have agendas.  Every day your child will be sent the slides from the day through Hapara along with reminders and updates.  They are asked to check their Hapara folders each night, review the slides and share their learning with you.

The purpose of this blog will be to share and reflect on our learning journey throughout the year.

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